WXK’s Yeti with my son Jason Price II.


Weapon X’s Cherokee



Weapon X Kennel’s Raven.


Weapon X’s Bishop 


Tone’s Dice Game, owned by Anthony Cherry.


Weapon X’s Bailiff.


Weapon X Kennel’s Ruger, as solid as they come!!



Weapon X’s Yeti.



Weapon X’s Ruger.



Galindo’s “Siege” at 11 months old & 123lbs. owned my Saul Galindo.



Weapon X’s Bishop.


Southpaw Kennel’s Sequoia. Owned by Thomas Donahue.



Weapon X’s Uli



Weapon X’s Cherokee.


WXK’s Cherokee at 12 weeks old.


Weapon X Kennel’s Bailiff at 15 months old.


Weapon X’s Bailiff, well over 28 inches at the withers.


Weapon X’s Yeti at 4 months old (a son of Bailiff & Cherokee.)


Weapon X’s Yeti getting in some cage work!


Timber & Kat catching hogs down in  Mississippi.  


WXK’s Tundra & King James catching as a team.


Jason Pimental’s Big Chief & Bella Rose at about a year & a half old.


WXK’s Bailiff & E.C. making a team catch.


Weapon X’s Timber.

Weapon X’s Bishop


WXK’s Tundra.


Weapon X’s Tundra.


A Pencil drawing of Bailiff by the great artist Jan Gaul.


WXK’s Yeti at 5 months old & weighing in at 71 pounds.

WXK’s Cherokee going in to catch an escaped hog.


WXK’s Timber & Deacon making a team catch.


Weaon X’s Bailiff at 3 years old.

Weapon X Kennel’s Yeti.



“Kat” owned by a hunter out of Louisiana with some of her catches.


Last Cavalry Canines Conner (owned by Ron Drappeaux).


Weapon X’s Tundra working hard on a solo catch with a rough boar hog!


“Nola” owned by Dwight Ory of TX.


Bailiff & Timber at 8 weeks old.


Weapon X’s Bailiff with a solid jaw hold!

Weapon X’s Bailiff about to get in some cage work.

Weapon X’s Bishiop working to get a Monster hog stopped with a solid jaw hold!