Southpaw Kennel’s Sequoia 


WXK’s Yeti with my son Jason Price II.


Weapon X’s Cherokee


    Jaws Of Stone Siege of WXK’s a Bishop x Timber son. A very large, thick boned, serious, and intimidating PDD.

Weapon X Kennel’s Raven owned by Elimination Kennel’s.

Weapon X Kennel’s Raven.

Owned by Tommy Allbright of Elimination Kennel’s.

Weapon X’s Bishop 


Tone’s Dice Game, owned by Anthony Cherry.


Weapon X’s Bailiff.


Weapon X Kennel’s Ruger, as solid as they come!!


                                   Jaws Of Stone J.R. The Punisher of Southpaw             Kennel’s a son of Ruger x Sequoia. Very athletic ,      gritty, intense, tough, with  EXTREME high prey drive and a very hard nasty attitude! Not a dog for the        first timer! No doubt J.R. has a very hard and innate   drive!  Pictured at 9 months of age.

Weapon X’s Yeti.



Weapon X’s Ruger.

Jaws Of Stone Orca of WXK’s a daughter of Bishop x Siberia. A very thick, big bitch with a natural high defense drive.

                             Jaws Of Stone Orca

Galindo’s “Siege” at 11 months old & 123lbs. owned my Saul Galindo.

                               Jaws Of Stone Siege


Weapon X’s Bishop.


Southpaw Kennel’s Sequoia. Owned by Thomas Donahue.



Weapon X’s Uli



Weapon X’s Cherokee.


WXK’s Cherokee at 12 weeks old.


Weapon X Kennel’s Bailiff at 15 months old.


Weapon X’s Bailiff, well over 28 inches at the withers.


Weapon X’s Yeti at 4 months old (a son of Bailiff & Cherokee.)


Weapon X’s Yeti getting in some cage work!


Timber & Kat catching hogs down in  Mississippi.  


WXK’s Tundra & King James catching as a team.


Jason Pimental’s Big Chief & Bella Rose at about a year & a half old.


WXK’s Bailiff & E.C. making a team catch.


Weapon X’s Timber.

Weapon X’s Bishop


WXK’s Tundra.


Weapon X’s Tundra.

                       Weapon X Kennel’s Tundra owned by Elimination Kennel’s, Tommy Allbright

A Pencil drawing of Bailiff by the great artist Jan Gaul.


WXK’s Yeti at 5 months old & weighing in at 71 pounds.

WXK’s Cherokee going in to catch an escaped hog.


WXK’s Timber & Deacon making a team catch.


Weaon X’s Bailiff at 3 years old.

Weapon X Kennel’s Yeti.



“Kat” owned by a hunter out of Louisiana with some of her catches.


Last Cavalry Canines Conner (owned by Ron Drappeaux).


Weapon X’s Tundra working hard on a solo catch with a rough boar hog!


“Nola” owned by Dwight Ory of TX.


Bailiff & Timber at 8 weeks old.


Weapon X’s Bailiff with a solid jaw hold!

Weapon X’s Bailiff about to get in some cage work.

Weapon X’s Bishop working to get a Monster hog stopped with a solid jaw hold!

Weapon X Kennel’s Chief owned by Elimination Kennel’s , Tommy Allbright

Weapon X Kennel’s Chief owned by Tommy Allbright

Weapon X Kennel’s Siberia owned by Elimination Kennel’s, Tommy Allbright Weapon X Kennel’s Siberia owned by Tommy Allbright