The Predator Defense Dog is a farm utility dog, it was bred to protect the farm & family from large & dangerous Predators like wolves, cougars, & bears. The Predator Defense Dog is bred to have the courage & boldness to meet an attack from a wild predator head on, it has the size & durability to withstand a substantial attack, & the grit & resolve necessary to stay the course until the danger is eliminated! With it’s high preydrive, the Predator Defense Dog will work tirelessly to eradicate farm pariah & nuisance animals such as foxes, coons, & coyotes, as well as rounding up & catching feral hogs. The Predator Defense Dog is the perfect companion for the hunter & outdoorsman, it has the endurance & perseverance needed for long treks over rough terrain, & through the most unhospitable of conditions. The breed has proven itself very useful for both blood trailing deer, & locating & retrieving wounded game. When the work day is done, the Predator Defense Dog is right at home guarding the camp, farm, or home from all kinds of  intruders throughout the night, no matter if that threat is man or beast.